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​​Welcome to Our Website


 If you are from the public sector,

or seeking business with the public sector,

Are you:
  • Trying to understand the public health options of the Affordable Care Act Meaningful Use?

  • Looking for professional project conception, planning, initiation, and management?

  • Needing implementation specialists to help manage the transition of your project to everyday working reality?

  • Finding that certain things haven’t been adequately planned for – like converting legacy data and interfacing with other systems?

  • Hoping for someone who knows your business, your strengths and constraints and can work creatively in your reality?

  • Looking for a certified small business with the right contracting vehicles already in place to quickly begin working with you?

  • Or wanting a well connected business you can partner with to win a public sector bid...

 Still with us? Then press here….

 JKCS works your way with your specific needs in mind and on your timeline. 

We know and understand State and local government  environmnts. Our consultants work with your key people arm in arm as partners in a common cause.