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​​Celebrating our 18th year in business

​​JKCS is a California consulting firm based in Folsom. We are a State of California certified small business, California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS), and Master Services Agreement (MSA) vendor. As a certified state vendor, we can quickly and easily contract to state and local agencies to meet their needs for large and small projects.
JKCS is distinguished by low cost and high quality.

The firm is locally owned and operated by Jeanie and Stan Ketchum. Jeanie is the President and management arm of JKCS. As a locally owned small business, Jeanie is able to keep our costs low. This is the first fundamental to how we do business – we do not add unnecessary overhead to our proposal or bill rates.

Stan is the technology and project arm of the company. As a long time veteran of services to state and local government, Stan is well respected and well connected. This is the second fundamental to how JKCS does business. He is able reach out to his network of connections to find and staff only the most reliable consultants available for the job at hand.

The JKCS approach to consulting is underscored by one distinguishing characteristic: our focus is on the business practices to be enhanced by technology, not the technology itself. Our people are well versed in translating business needs into meaningful technology requirements. We believe they offer superior services in the areas of customer relationship management, planning and analysis, procurement, systems development, and systems implementation. 


Many things must go right for a project to succeed, but the most decisive element is communication.                       

Our consultants are very much aware of the criticality of communication and bring that knowledge to their project work.




California Certifications

  •   Small Business
  •   CMAS
  •   IT MSA